Logo ≠ Brand

Posted : 07 August 20174

Chances are that as a small business you have spent some time worrying about what those well versed in marketing call “branding”. You have probably paid for a logo or logotype, signs, business cards and the whole works. (If not, get in touch with our team at www.komunikasia.com and we can help take your brand to the next level.) Good news all that is behind you, isn’t it? Unfortunately there’s more to branding than having a spiffy logo.

In essence, branding is the ongoing process of representing your business (and the aspirations of your business) to your current and potential customers. A logo is just one small portion of that effort. Think or your brand as communicating the feel of your business to others.

That feel of your business extends far beyond your business cards. It extends into the way you treat your customers, the way you talk to them and every visual aspect of your business that potential customers see. For example, if you run a health services business you might want to portray a sense of serenity or calmness, therefore you might use smooth flowing prose in your brochures, complimented by light shades of blue in your visual materials. Your business has a message or story to tell and how you market your brand will determine how well that message is heard and ultimately understood.